Tango Festival




Las Estrellas

London’s Longest Established Argentine Tango Dance Studio

Classes have resumed at Las Estrellas and are running to our usual schedule.

“Las Estrellas” is one of London’s first dance studios devoted strictly to the teaching the authentic Tango Argentino, a beautiful and sensual dance. Since its opening in 1993, many students of all nationalities have successfully completed their dance courses and now enjoy dancing with their partners in Tango milongas around the world.

The atmosphere of the studio is friendly and the student enrolment per class limited which means the personal attention received by the students is complete and incomparable.

We also sell beautiful and comfortable Tango shoes which you can buy at the classes, online or by appointment during the week. See the ‘Shoes’ tab above.

The instructor is Takis, an internationally known teacher of Argentine Tango who up to October 2013 has taught over 40,000 students at “Las Estrellas”. Takis is also the organiser of the London International Tango Festival and Managing Director of the Academia Nacional del Tango (UK). He teaches estilo apilado (close embrace), open embrace and Tango Salon.



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